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EpiSci’s Tactical AI Competes in the Golden Horde Colosseum




Poway, CA, December 17, 2021 – EpiSys Science, Inc. (EpiSci) recently deployed Tactical AI agents in the first competition held in the AFRL-developed Colosseum as part of the Golden Horde Vanguard program, developing advanced algorithms to control the next generation of networked, collaborative, and autonomous (NCA) weapons. Tactical AI is a modular, hybrid artificial intelligence design architecture, building high-performance systems with a trust-first focus and explicit bounding for mission critical, human-machine teaming applications.

“Our modular system allowed us to tailor our agent to the scenario, providing exceptional performance in a complex operational simulation,” said Chris Gentile, EpiSci’s Vice President of Tactical Autonomous Systems and the program manager for the Golden Horde effort. “Our investment in flexible, portable capabilities also allowed us to quickly tune performance when given more pre-mission intelligence, again delivering top-tier results with minimal time required to replan.”

About EpiSci

EpiSci is a multidisciplinary, defense-focused artificial intelligence company committed to bringing trustable autonomy to critical challenges. In addition to the Golden Horde Colosseum program, EpiSci is a prime contractor on DARPA’s Air Combat Evolution program, delivering trusted artificial intelligence for air-to-air combat.

Image Credit: Johns Hopkins APL/Taylor Buck

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