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EpiSci Receives Approval for Multiple Unmanned Aircraft Operations



(May 14, 2018) EpiSci received one of the first industry-progressive FAA Part 107.35 waivers for multiple unmanned aircraft operations in Chula Vista, CA. Part 107.35 states that the “operation of multiple small unmanned aircraft is waived to the extent necessary to allow a person to act as a remote Pilot in Command (PIC) or visual observer (VO) in the operation of more than one unmanned aircraft at the same time.”

This waiver allows us to have one operator simultaneously fly multiple SwarmSense drones and eliminate the need for meticulous pre-flight planning and coordination among multiple pilots. Capable of fully autonomous flight, SwarmSense autonomously divides and conquers a task as defined by the user. The operator will have real-time control over the swarm through the user-friendly SwarmSense Ground Control Station (GCS), which uses a communication network to ensure independent connection to each node.

Scenarios that the EpiSci will be testing and demoing are applicable for land surveys, search and rescue, energy inspections, and other time-sensitive, large scale applications that will benefit from multi-UAV operations.

To request a SwarmSense demo at our Chula Vista test site, please email

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